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Driving a vehicle equipped with Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers is an exhilarating experience. There is, quite literally, nothing like it. Unbelievable control and stability. Precise handling. Ultimate performance. And incredible comfort.

Since our inception over 40 years ago, Bilstein has been a unique and driving force in the automotive suspension industry. Bilstein was first to apply the patented gas pressure principle to controlling ride characteristics on automobiles and introduced the world’s first monotube gas pressure shock absorber. Today, Bilstein continues to be the leader in monotube gas pressure shock absorber technology.

The Bilstein name graces not only monotube gas pressure shock absorbers, but also single and twin tube Macpherson strut style suspensions.

From racing and testing in Formula 1, NASCAR, SCCA, Rally, and Off Road to original equipment on BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Subaru, Toyota and GM trucks, Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers have proven to be the best. Be it the high banks of NASCAR racing or the harsh terrain of the Baja 1000, Bilstein‘s worldwide racing dominance is legendary. Racing is the ultimate proving ground, making success in motorsports imperative.

As racing suspension technology pushes the limits, it takes a superior shock absorber to provide the higher degree of control necessary for the vehicle to remain predictable and stable at ever increasing G-forces. Bilstein has met this challenge.

Bilstein Gas Pressure Shocks And Struts

If you’ve never experienced the exhilaration you feel when driving a vehicle equipped with Bilstein Shocks, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. You’ll soon discover there is, quite literally, nothing like it. Unbelievable control. Precise handling. Ultimate performance. And incredible comfort.

Most conventional shocks are made with shock bodies cut from a piece of steel tubing, stamped internal parts and compromised tolerances.

In contrast, Bilstein‘s shock bodies are precision formed through a unique seamless extrusion process. This provides superior strength along with high finish tolerances that are usually associated with surgical instruments. The finished body is then mated with a solid, induction hardened steel chrome plated and polished shaft, machined valving components and highest quality seals. Combined with extreme attention to detail, Bilstein provides you with the closest thing to a hand built shock available today.

Conventional shocks slowly lose efficiency and eventually fail over a period of time causing excessive tire and suspension wear. Bilstein Shocks continue to deliver optimum performance for life.

Of all your suspension components, nothing works harder than your shock absorbers, making it critical you pick the right ones for your vehicle. Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers are the least expensive, fastest way to dramatically improve the ride, handling and control of your vehicle. Plus, with Bilstein‘s lifetime warranty, you may never have to purchase shock absorbers again.

Bilstein Shocks

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Bilstein mono-tube gas pressure shock absorbers are available in a wide variety of sizes and stiffness settings, depending upon the
vehicle type and use. All Bilstein shocks absorbers instantaneously self-adjust to changing road surfaces; in addition, their performance
does not gradually decline from age, use or heat, requiring no compensating manual adjustments as with conventional multi-tube
shocks. Shock stiffness settings are divided into five usage categories shown below.

SPORT (S) – B8

For the performance-minded driver, Bilstein “Sport” shocks deliver absolute mastery of the road surface.
Designed to push a car’s suspension to its performance peak, these shocks are well suited for use with special springs, anti-sway
bars or other suspension upgrades.


For most vehicles including full-size sedans, SUVs and trucks. These shocks provide improved handling and stability without
sacrifi cing ride comfort. They offer super damping ability that makes them ideal for heavy hauling for occasional off-road use, while
maintaining and exceptional “street” ride.


For the driver who wants maximum ride comfort, with the virtual elimination of “bottoming out” and vehicle sway.
These shocks generally maintain and, in many cases, enhance a vehicle’s original ride qualities while increasing
road-handling and overall stability.

For specifi c manufactured lift kits utilizing the stock OEM mounting confi guration.
Self-adjusting defl ective disc valving, independent rebound and compression with superior control for larger diameter tires.


For rigorous demands of driving competition. Their success should be measured by the unprecedented levels of acceptance
and use by professional drivers in virtually all major Motorsports.

Include such features as spherical bearings, adjustable spring seats longer or shorter than standard dimensions. *Not suited
for street use.


Bilstein 5100 Shocks

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For specific manufactured lift kits utilizing the stock OEM mounting configuration.
Self-adjusting deflective disc valving, independent rebound and compression with superior control for larger diameter tires.