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Leading Innovator of Shock Absorbers by Koni

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Koni is a major world wide manufacturer of shock absorbers for a variety of different automobiles.  They make shock absorbers for cars, buses, trucks, trailers and more.  They are a supporting company of the ITT Corporation.  Koni also plays a major role in the world of motor sports.  They supply shock absorbers for many different racing vehicles, several of which have won championships.

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H&R Sports Springs For Your Car

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H&R is a leading force in the manufacturing of suspension products.  They have developed a variety of products and suspension applications for vehicles on the street.  They are the creator of the true coil suspension system which has proven effective for street vehicles.  Named after its owners, Heine and Remmen, and created in the 1970s,  H&R products are manufactured in Germany and exceed a variety of standards.

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Features of Eibach Springs, Car Suspension

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There are many different kind of springs. One of the best kinds of springs are a product of Eibach. The Eibach Springs Pro Kit is custom-made for your specific year, make and model vehicle
Unique progressive spring design lowers your ride 1″ to 1½"
The Eibach Pro Kit drops your center of gravity, which reduces acceleration squat, trims body roll in corners, ends excessive nose-dive when braking, and improves overall handling
Lowers the wheel well over the tire, eliminating the extra space for hot performance looks
4 springs included in the Eibach Pro Kit
Compatible with your stock shocks, though performance of the Pro Kit is accentuated by Eibach Pro Dampers
Part of the famed Eibach Pro System Plus performance suspension, along with Pro Dampers, the Eibach Anti-Roll Kit and more
Eibach Pro Kit has a 1,000,000-mile warranty

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Bilstein Car Suspension Shocks

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Certain manufacturing companies put out some of the best line of car parts. Bilstein has a line of car parts that are out of this world. Shops that sell top of the line products have great clientele that put the word out to their friends. When you want the best of anything, including your automotive suspension parts–you have to trust in what you are putting on your vehicle. When you purchase a high-end auto suspension performance product and things go good it shows that the investment is well worth the quality. Bilstein shocks and suspension products are the finest in the industry. When you want to add performance to your vehicle, you look for the best equipment. And you know what? Bilstein is all about delivering it, all of it. Bilstein makes products that an auto enthusiast is proud to use.Call our suspension specialists today at 800.683.2890 and let us help you ‘pimp your ride!’

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