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How to Tell if Someone Else’s Vehicle Needs Shocks or Suspension Work

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bilstein1.gifNot enough people understand that making sure that your shocks and suspension are properly maintained and replaced when necessary will not only lead to a more enjoyable ride in your vehicle, but that doing so will also lead to a safer ride. People who do not keep up with the necessary work that needs to be done on their shocks and suspensions are not only bringing on risks for themselves, but also for anyone else who may be on the road at the time. That’s why people need to understand the warning signs of faulty shocks or suspensions.

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Why Demand for Bilstein Products Continues to Increase with Consumers

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Given the current state of the economy, those products within any market that are continuing to enjoy demand and satisfaction by those who own them are truly passing a rigorous test.  People are more careful with their spending now than they have ever been in our recent history, which means that they are also more picky and choosy about what they choose to purchase.  Despite all of this occurring, the demand for Bilstein products that include Bilstein shocks and Bilstein suspension systems remains high.

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Why You Need Bilstein Shocks and Suspension for Your Car

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Anyone who drives a vehicle needs to understand that two of the most critical components of your transportation are your suspension and your shocks.  While the choices for manufacturers of these parts are nearly limitless in number, one brand that’s stood out above others for decades is Bilstein.  Bilstein shocks and Bilstein suspensions have been the choice of drivers of all types all over the world for many proven reasons.  Below is a brief overview of some of the reasons that people have trusted Bilstein for their transportation needs.

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SHOX.COM is one of the largest suspension distributors in the United States. We have a very large inventory and a knowledgeable staff to serve you. If you have a retail parts/accessory store, installation facility, tire store, new car dealership, or any business that resells automotive parts, we can provide special pricing to keep you competitive in your marketplace.

Simply fax us an inquiry (preferably on your company letterhead) with your business information and we’ll get a discount schedule to you promptly. [Shox.com fax# is: (619) 444-8261] Complete catalog packages of all our suppliers can be included with your initial order. Most of our suppliers have application guides on their websites. Call, fax, or e-mail for availability and pricing until you have your own catalogs and price sheets.


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Q. What brand should I get?
A. We sell all the quality brands so that ultimately leaves the choice to you. Our goal is to provide enough information for you to choose the optimum performing suspension parts for your driving needs. In general, you get what you pay for. On shocks/struts, the ability to adjust damping (stiffness) or ride height comes with a substantial additional price and you have to decide if you’ll be taking advantage of these features. On springs, lowering effects vary and you pay a little more for a progressive spring rate that gets stiffer as the suspension is compressed further.

Q. How far can I lower my car?
A. Most cars it’s 30mm to 50mm.(One to two inches). We only sell the most reputable manufacturers to ensure safe, reliable products that won’t damage other suspension components. Some manufacturers have listings for "race" springs which may be lower, harsher riding, and harder on the vehicles other components.

Q. Do I need camber kits if I lower my car?
A. Whenever you lower a car with shorter springs, it creates negative camber. This has some benefits for handling but can cause the tires to wear more towards the inside instead of right down the middle. Many cars do not have enough adjustment to return the camber to original factory specifications. On most cars, if the lowering effect is 25mm to 35mm, and you keep the tires well rotated, you should get the full life expectancy of the tires even with the negative camber. Otherwise camber adjustment kits can be purchased for many applications that make it possible to adjust the camber closer to the original specifications.

Lowest Prices

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SHOX.COM has the lowest prices *GUARANTEED!

We don’t post many of our prices on the web because our prices are so low that the competition and then the manufacturers complain. We are committed to making the best quality suspension parts available to you at affordable prices. Send in for a quote or call 800-683-2890.

Some unscrupulous distributors periodically run specials at or near their cost or shop our prices and undercut them by a few dollars to temporarily claim the "lowest prices". In these cases, if you provide us with the contact name and phone number or a copy of the quote, we are happy to match or beat it.


*All sales are final.