How to Tell if Someone Else’s Vehicle Needs Shocks or Suspension Work

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bilstein1.gifNot enough people understand that making sure that your shocks and suspension are properly maintained and replaced when necessary will not only lead to a more enjoyable ride in your vehicle, but that doing so will also lead to a safer ride. People who do not keep up with the necessary work that needs to be done on their shocks and suspensions are not only bringing on risks for themselves, but also for anyone else who may be on the road at the time. That’s why people need to understand the warning signs of faulty shocks or suspensions.

Below you will find a brief overview of a few examples of warning signs of bad shocks and suspensions that should be paid attention to by people on the road. You will also find information regarding what to do if you see such a vehicle that has not taken advantage of quality products offered by manufacturers that include Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach. Finally, you will find information regarding how you can contact experienced automotive professionals to make sure that your shocks and suspension are no longer a worry for you or anyone else who rides in your vehicle.

Excessive Bouncing

Shocks, springs and suspensions that are working properly will maximize the amount of time that tires will spend in contact with the concrete underneath a vehicle. Products made by manufacturers such as Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach will handle this task at an exceptional level. However, when these parts are not working, a vehicle will bounce excessively and in many cases that bouncing will be visible to other motorists.

Difficult Stops

Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach products also make sure that vehicles will come to a stop safely and within a predictable distance. Motorists whose shocks and suspensions are not properly maintained will have trouble stopping on time, and this can be seen when a driver seems to barely avoid contact from behind when it’s easily foreseeable that a stop will be necessary. Clearly, this is a dangerous situation that needs to be avoided.

Dealing with Dangerous Vehicles

As stated above, products manufactured by Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach bring a high level of safety to vehicles. When drivers notice that shocks and suspensions on other vehicles are not working properly, they need to take as many steps as possible to maximize the space between them and these vehicles. Doing so will only minimize the chance that these problematic parts will lead to crashes involving you or someone you love.

No one should let their shocks, springs or suspensions go if they notice that they are wearing down. If you are ready to put any worries regarding these parts in the past, all you need to do is contact the automotive professionals at Shox today. The team there will help you find the proper fit for your vehicle and help you regain the smooth and safe ride that you deserve.

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