Leading Innovator of Shock Absorbers by Koni

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Koni is a major world wide manufacturer of shock absorbers for a variety of different automobiles.  They make shock absorbers for cars, buses, trucks, trailers and more.  They are a supporting company of the ITT Corporation.  Koni also plays a major role in the world of motor sports.  They supply shock absorbers for many different racing vehicles, several of which have won championships.

Koni Shock Absorbers

Koni has been making parts for over 150 years.  Koni is best known for their work with cars, but, as stated earlier, they make shocks for trucks, buses, RVs, and railway rolling stock.  Koni is credited with making the first adjustable shock absorber, electronic drag racing shocks, and the patented Frequency Selective Dampening, or FSD, street shocks.

Koni has been apart of the ITT Corporation, a global manufacturing and engineering company, since 1972.  Joining this large organization says a lot for Koni’s ability to produce a valuable product.  ITT Corporation is a top supplier of manufactured goods for the likes of military defense and telecommunications.

The Koni company is located in the Netherlands and began business in 1857.  They began by manufacturing products such as horse harnesses.  Their history shows they’ve been interested in different forms of mobile production for a long time, and thus gives them a major seal of approval for their efforts in the mobile industry.  Koni began their production of shock absorbers in 1932, and have been a leading force in the evolution and knowledge of these vehicle parts.  Koni offers the premier shock absorbers for all your mobile needs, and with the years of experience they have, you can be sure they make a quality product.

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