H&R Sports Springs For Your Car

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H&R is a leading force in the manufacturing of suspension products.  They have developed a variety of products and suspension applications for vehicles on the street.  They are the creator of the true coil suspension system which has proven effective for street vehicles.  Named after its owners, Heine and Remmen, and created in the 1970s,  H&R products are manufactured in Germany and exceed a variety of standards.

They provide parts that are custom fit to your vehicle to enhance their products’ performance.  They provide car parts such as springs, cup kits, coil overs, sway bars and a ton of accessories.  There springs have proven greatly effective in improving shock suspension, handling and roll over.  Their cup kits provide a vehicle specific spring and shock system design which enhances the overall ride comfort.  The coil overs have fully threaded custom shock and provide lowering adjustability.  Their steel alloy sway bars provide one of the highest strengths available and provide a safety against a vehicles roll over.  Some of the accessories they offer include camber plates, inside and outside coil over rings, lug nuts, bolts, and stud conversions.

H&R provides just about all the products one may need to customize their vehicle’s safety and performance.  They have over 25 years of experience and continue to work on their products performance.  They are always coming up with new ideas to make vehicles even safer.  H&R is dedicated to providing vehicle enthusiasts with all the parts necessary for their specific vehicle customization.  They are enthusiasts themselves and have the same love for automobiles as the customers who use their products.  If you are considering updating your current vehicle, or you are looking for parts to make your car safer, H&R wouldn’t be a bad place to start your search.

For more info search H&R Sport Springs or www.shox.com