Increase Your Cars Performance, Fuel Efficiency With K&N Fuel Injection Performance Kit

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Fuel injection is the process of mixing fuel with air.  This happens in most engines because today most are internal combustion engines.  Simply put, fuel injection the way fuel is delivered to the engine in order to keep the car running.  The fuel injection system meters how much fuel is needed to be sent to the engine.  Today, most engines meter the amount of fuel electronically.  It used to be the case that fuel was metered mechanically.

Before there was fuel injection, vehicles would use carburetors to meter the amount fuel being sent to the engine.  The fuel injector is not a large part of the vehicle.  It consists of a nozzle and a valve, and is reliant on the power of a pump or pressurized container to inject the fuel into the engine.

K&N Fuel Injection Kit

The benefits of having a fuel injection system are a smoother engine response to throttle transitions, there is less worry about the engine starting because it is more reliable, and it increases fuel efficiency.  Fuel efficiency increases because the fuel injection system improves fuel distribution from cylinder to cylinder.  However, the more powerful an engine the less fuel efficient it will be.  This is because there is more airflow necessary which in turn burns more fuel.  This then creates more energy and thus creates more power in the engine.

Fuel injection performance kits can help reduce restriction in an engine by smoothing and straightening air flow.  One of the leaders in production of fuel injection performance kits is K&N.  They create a variety of kits to fit specific vehicles.  These kits help enhance performance of the air intake in your vehicle and they are all street legal.  With fuel injection being a major part of your car, it may be a good idea to research more on what it does and how K&N fuel injection performance kits may be useful for your particular vehicle.

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