How to Know When You Need New Shocks for Your Car

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One of the most important yet most overlooked components of any vehicle is its shocks and overall suspension system.  These parts are critically important with regards to the overall handling and safety of your vehicle, and you need to be sure that you keep these parts current and in working order so that the maximum use of your car can be achieved.  Unfortunately, that’s not always what people do, and many car owners will simply overlook the importance of shocks, struts and the suspension system as a whole.  This will only make any problems that already exist much worse.

Below you will find a brief overview of certain occurrences that should be a clue to any car owner that it’s time to have the shocks, struts or suspension system of a vehicle thoroughly checked and perhaps replaced.  You will also find information regarding how you can contact a team of professionals who understand how to provide your vehicle with the best possible solution to this need.

The ‘Corner’ Test

One way to obtain an indication as to whether you need to replace your shocks is by completing what is commonly known as the ‘corner’ test.  All that’s required is for you to grab a corner of the bumper of your vehicle and to push down on it as hard as you can.  If the vehicle bounces back up, then down and then back into place quickly, your shocks and suspension are probably still in working order.  However, if you push down and your vehicle rocks up and down several times, it could be an indication of worn shocks that need replacing.

Fluid Leakage

Another sign that you may need to have your suspension system looked at is if you notice leakage from the bottom of your vehicle.  When this leakage occurs, you’ll notice that it tends to happen underneath or near one or more of the tires.  The fluid that leaks will likely be somewhat clear and it will feel greasy, but it will not be black like motor oil.  While this is a good way to figure out if you need new shocks, not all worn shocks will leak fluid when they’re worn out.

The Comfort Test

Finally, the most basic way to understand whether or not you may need new shocks is to simply pay attention to how your vehicle is handling.  If you find yourself constantly in motion in the vehicle when you start and stop or you find that your vehicle tends to drift when you brake hard, you may have a problem with your suspension.

If you are unsure of whether or not your shocks are worn, it’s best to be safe and to find out for sure, as faulty shocks can create danger for anyone who rides in that vehicle.  If you’re ready to put this worry behind you once and for all with products that include Bilstein shocks, contact the team at to learn more about the solutions they have available.