Why Shocks Are So Vitally Important for a Vehicle

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Anyone who owns a vehicle understands that there are many aspects to properly caring for and managing that vehicle.  Most automobile owners understand that the engine needs to be cared for by way of oil changes and tune-ups, the tires need to be cared for by way of regular rotations and replacement and that the brakes need to be properly managed.  However, there are other important aspects to vehicle ownership that are overlooked, and one of the most overlooked areas of any vehicle is the shocks.  Unfortunately, failing to properly care for shocks can lead to serious problems for any vehicle.

Below you will find a brief overview of common reasons as to why properly caring for shocks is so vitally important for an automobile.  You will also find information regarding leading brands of shocks that can be found on the market for people who want to avoid having to worry about them in the future.  Anyone who is in need of shocks needs to seek the advice of professionals who understand the proper fit for the proper brands on the proper types of vehicles as soon as possible.

The Purpose of Shocks and Struts

The main reason that shocks are installed in vehicles is because they provide the stability needed to keep the tires on the road.  This is necessary in order to provide a vehicle’s occupants with a smooth ride, but there is much more to this than simply the pleasure and comfort of drivers and passengers.  Shocks and struts help to maintain a vehicle’s performance in several critical ways.


Anyone who has driven a vehicle that has had worn shocks or struts likely would understand how difficult it can be to handle a car or truck in that state.  Handling is important because people need to be able to turn when they want to and to accurately predict where their vehicles are going to go on the road.  Not being able to predict this with precision can simply invite danger.


Many people do not realize that shocks and struts are vitally important with regards to braking.  Studies have shown that vehicles with shocks or struts that are degraded by a factor of 50 percent will need an extra 12 feet to stop if they are traveling at a speed of 50 miles per hour.  When people are dealing with heavy traffic conditions, every inch can make an enormous difference.

Brand Name Shocks and Struts

Most automobile experts will tell car and truck owners that since they do not regularly think about shocks and struts that they should simply install the highest quality brands that are available on the market.  Examples of highly respected brands of shocks include Bilstein and Koni , and Eibach springs are also highly respected.

If you are ready to install shocks that you won’t have to worry about in the future, you need to seek the advice of the professionals at Shox.com as soon as possible to get this process started.

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