What It Feels Like When It’s Time to Replace Your Shocks

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car-low.jpgIf you own a vehicle, chances are you have a basic understanding of what’s involved with the responsible upkeep of that car, truck or SUV. Properly maintaining a vehicle may involve spending some time and money now, but doing so can and often will extend the life of that vehicle. That’s certainly a better position to be in as opposed to suddenly having to purchase a new car because you ran the old one into the ground before it would have otherwise given out.

Unfortunately, one of the aspects of any vehicle that owners tend to overlook is the shocks or suspension system. People who install products from manufacturers such as Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach will not have to worry about what worn shocks feels like, but those who may still be driving on their original suspension systems should learn the signs that it may be time to seek replacements.

One of the telltale signs that your shocks may be worn occurs when your vehicle simply feels like it’s bouncing around too much on the pavement. Shocks and suspension systems are supposed to maximize the contact between your tires and the road, and when this does not happen a vehicle’s passengers will feel as though they are hitting potholes and bumps when they may not otherwise notice them if they had brands from Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach guiding them on their journey.

Another problematic sign that your shocks may be worn occurs when you notice that you may have to give yourself more room to come to a complete stop at an intersection than you used to. While most people would attribute this to failing brakes, the problem could be your shocks. That’s because shocks and suspensions can help minimize stopping distance by once again maximizing the exposure of your tires to the road.

As vehicles get a bit older, many vehicle owners assume that those cars, trucks or SUVs will simply not handle as well in general. While that could be true in some cases, it could also indicate that your shocks or suspension system could be failing. Negotiating curves and handling tough driving environments still involves those tires and how much time they are spending in direct contact with the road beneath you. It may be time to install products from Bilstein, KONI, Tokico or Eibach to restore the handling capabilities that you need.

There are other indications that could arise that would signal to a vehicle owner that it’s time to replace the shocks or suspension, but those mentioned above are the most common. If you have noticed any or all of these problems with your vehicle, you may want to look into the benefits that products manufactured by Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach could provide. If you’re ready to take that step, you need the help of automotive professionals who can help you find the perfect fit for your automotive needs. Contact Shox today to obtain fast and accurate answers to your questions.

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