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Why Shox Carries Brands Such as Bilstein, KONI, Eibach and Tokico

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koni-yellows.jpg If you are in a position where you need to look at replacing your shocks, springs or suspension system, then you are likely looking around online simply trying to define a starting point. Most people are not necessarily well-versed when it comes to these parts of vehicles, and most consumers are not familiar with manufacturers that have earned a brand that is renowned across the globe by people who spend significant amounts of time in the automotive industry.

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What It Feels Like When It’s Time to Replace Your Shocks

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car-low.jpgIf you own a vehicle, chances are you have a basic understanding of what’s involved with the responsible upkeep of that car, truck or SUV. Properly maintaining a vehicle may involve spending some time and money now, but doing so can and often will extend the life of that vehicle. That’s certainly a better position to be in as opposed to suddenly having to purchase a new car because you ran the old one into the ground before it would have otherwise given out.

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Expecting Parents Need to Have Vehicles Thoroughly Checked Before Baby Arrives

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baby-in-car-seat-300x300.jpgWhen people find out that they’re going to have a baby, they tend to become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done in order to properly prepare for this momentous event.  The first thing that someone could do is realize that this is not just an event, but also the beginning of a long and incredibly rewarding process.  There is nothing like having a child, and there is nothing that should not be considered in terms of making sure that the baby enters the world with not only tremendous amounts of love, but also with the utmost in safety precautions.

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Planning a Spring Vacation? Incorporate Shocks Into Your Plans

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tokico-shocks.jpgWe are about to come across the time of year when people all over the United States decide to embark on long road trips. While it’s always exciting to plan these types of excursions, it’s also a process that involves many different details that must be accounted for in order for any trip to go as well as possible. One of these steps should involve making sure that the vehicle that’s going to be used is in proper condition for a long drive. While oil changes, tune-ups and perhaps a change in the tires are all good steps to take, there are often aspects of a vehicle that are overlooked.

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Why Working with Experienced Professionals Can Help You Save Money on Shocks and Suspensions

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eibach.jpgWhen people realize that they need to replace their shocks, springs or overall suspension systems, they generally are not sure of where to go for help dealing with this need. That’s because most people are not automotive professionals and they quite honestly do not look forward to handling this type of a task. It can be stressful for anyone who is unfamiliar with this process because they may be unfamiliar with not only where to start, but what the process involves and what it could cost.

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How Products from Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach Can Make Your Winter Rides Safer and Smoother

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shocks.jpgAs we move into the winter months, all of us around the United States are beginning to encounter different driving environments that are changing because of the weather conditions that tend to come around at this time of the year. Whether we live in warm or cold climates, we all need to be ready to deal with roads that will be slippery, darkness that sets in earlier and unpredictable weather that can make any drive a challenge. In short, we need to be ready for anything, and that starts with our vehicles.

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How Shocks and Springs Made by Bilstein, KONI, Tokico and Eibach Make All the Difference on Wet Road

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bilstein-shocks.jpgAs we move into the winter months, we are all going to have to deal with driving conditions that are more difficult than those that we tend to face during the summer. People who live in the north and in the east will be dealing with snow and ice, and people almost everywhere else will be dealing with the nearly constant threat of rain. Any of these inclement conditions can and will lead to extremely slippery roads, and many people do not realize the importance of shocks and springs with regards to these conditions.

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Why Shocks Are So Vitally Important for a Vehicle

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Anyone who owns a vehicle understands that there are many aspects to properly caring for and managing that vehicle.  Most automobile owners understand that the engine needs to be cared for by way of oil changes and tune-ups, the tires need to be cared for by way of regular rotations and replacement and that the brakes need to be properly managed.  However, there are other important aspects to vehicle ownership that are overlooked, and one of the most overlooked areas of any vehicle is the shocks.  Unfortunately, failing to properly care for shocks can lead to serious problems for any vehicle.

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Why Demand for Bilstein Products Continues to Increase with Consumers

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Given the current state of the economy, those products within any market that are continuing to enjoy demand and satisfaction by those who own them are truly passing a rigorous test.  People are more careful with their spending now than they have ever been in our recent history, which means that they are also more picky and choosy about what they choose to purchase.  Despite all of this occurring, the demand for Bilstein products that include Bilstein shocks and Bilstein suspension systems remains high.

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Why You Need Bilstein Shocks and Suspension for Your Car

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Anyone who drives a vehicle needs to understand that two of the most critical components of your transportation are your suspension and your shocks.  While the choices for manufacturers of these parts are nearly limitless in number, one brand that’s stood out above others for decades is Bilstein.  Bilstein shocks and Bilstein suspensions have been the choice of drivers of all types all over the world for many proven reasons.  Below is a brief overview of some of the reasons that people have trusted Bilstein for their transportation needs.

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