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How to Tell if Someone Else’s Vehicle Needs Shocks or Suspension Work

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bilstein1.gifNot enough people understand that making sure that your shocks and suspension are properly maintained and replaced when necessary will not only lead to a more enjoyable ride in your vehicle, but that doing so will also lead to a safer ride. People who do not keep up with the necessary work that needs to be done on their shocks and suspensions are not only bringing on risks for themselves, but also for anyone else who may be on the road at the time. That’s why people need to understand the warning signs of faulty shocks or suspensions.

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Get Your Vehicle Set Up for the New Year with Shocks, Springs and Suspensions

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struts.JPGWhen the New Year rolls around, people tend to make resolutions and plans for that coming year that relate to almost every different aspect of life. Most of us have lives where our vehicles are extremely important to us for many reasons, but for some reason relatively few people take the time to plan for those vehicles so that their effectiveness, performance and dependability can be maximized. Hopefully 2013 will involve many automobile owners doing what’s necessary to make sure that their cars, trucks and SUV’s run as smoothly as possible.

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Why Shocks Are So Vitally Important for a Vehicle

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Anyone who owns a vehicle understands that there are many aspects to properly caring for and managing that vehicle.  Most automobile owners understand that the engine needs to be cared for by way of oil changes and tune-ups, the tires need to be cared for by way of regular rotations and replacement and that the brakes need to be properly managed.  However, there are other important aspects to vehicle ownership that are overlooked, and one of the most overlooked areas of any vehicle is the shocks.  Unfortunately, failing to properly care for shocks can lead to serious problems for any vehicle.

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Leading Innovator of Shock Absorbers by Koni

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Koni is a major world wide manufacturer of shock absorbers for a variety of different automobiles.  They make shock absorbers for cars, buses, trucks, trailers and more.  They are a supporting company of the ITT Corporation.  Koni also plays a major role in the world of motor sports.  They supply shock absorbers for many different racing vehicles, several of which have won championships.

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Koni Shocks

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SHOX.COM carries a wide variety of name brand high-performance auto suspension products, including Koni Shocks

We don’t post many of our prices on Koni Shocks on the web because our prices are so low that the competition and then the manufacturers complain. We are committed to making the best quality suspension parts available to you at affordable prices. Send in for a quote or call 800-683-2890.

Some unscrupulous distributors periodically run specials on Koni Shocks at or near their cost or shop our prices and undercut them by a few dollars to temporarily claim the "lowest prices". In these cases, if you provide us with the contact name and phone number or a copy of the quote, we are happy to match or beat it.

We are a leading supplier of Koni Shocks and and Koni Suspension products. Search our online store for the Koni Shocks to fit your particular make and model or call us at 800-683-2890.